Auto, Light Truck, Engine, Transmission, Automotive Repair


Engine & Transmission Diagnostics

- Advanced Engine and Transmission Diagnostics 

- Diesel Performance Diagnostics 

- Gas Performance Diagnostics

- “Check Engine” Lights and “Service Engine Soon” Lights 

- Multi-point and pre-purchase inspections 

- Drivability inspections

Diesel Emission Testing

All Wheel Drive (AWD)

2 Wheel Drive (2WD)


Light Trucks

Truck Height Limited to 10 Feet

Engine Repair, Replacement

We do engine repairs and replacements of all makes and models, both gas and diesel.


- Oil Changes (Lube, Oil, Filters, Fluids)
- Coolant Changes & Cooling System Repair
- Serpentine Belt Replacements
- Transmission ( tranny ) Repair, Rebuilding, and Replacement
- Transfer Case and Four Wheel Drive ( 4x4 ) Repair, Rebuild
- Engine Diagnostics, Repair, Rebuilding, and Replacement

- DEF System Diagnostics, Repair, and Replacement
- Shocks, Struts ( Suspension )
- Front End Repair ( Steering, Ball Joints, Tie Rods )
- Wheel Alignment
- Brake Repair
- Engine Service of all types
- Rack & Pinion assessments and replacement
- Clutch Replacement
- Leaky Gaskets
- Exhaust System Welding Repair, Replacement
- Axle, CV Joint, Driveshaft Repair, Half-shaft seal replacements
- Timing Belts & Timing Chains
- Air Conditioning Repairs & Freon Recharges
- Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

- Catalytic Converter Replacement

Full Service

We Service All Makes and Models

Gas and Diesel
Domestic, Imported, Luxury, Exotics 

BG Product Dealer

BG Products, Inc., provides the highest quality products and equipment  to our auto and transmission repair professionals so we  can provide quality BG FLuids to our customers.

Nation Wide Warranty, Diesel Repair

Our repairs are covered by the TechNet 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first).